On the outside looking in – Alan Lipman (First Edition)


Colliding with Apartheid and other authorities

FIRST EDITION (“Student Edition”)

ISBN 978-0-620-41805-8

Paperback, 218 Pages


Published in 2009 by Architect Africa Press

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This is a voyeuristic tale from my personal border country. It comprises stories that originate in the views from the insubstantial bridge which has spanned from my life to the many daily distortions I have encountered. It deals, principally, with the landscape of social, political and, on the rare occasion, military power, especially the vicious combination that characterised 350 years of racist rule in southern Africa. In so doing it also, perforce, touches on the many other distressing, inhumane, everyday worlds over whose boundaries I have glimpsed.

In a world in which bad faith has apparently become a modus vivandi for those who exercise social power, in a society in which holding to an ethical, principled position is seen as weakness to be exploited, it is important to be reminded that there is another way in which to live, that need not be like this. Read on …

Howard Harris, Cardiff, 2008

Read more on Artefacts about Alan Lipman; https://www.artefacts.co.za/main/Buildings/archframes.php?archid=2280


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