An Evolutionary Architecture (Themes VII) – John Frazer


ISBN 1 870890 47 7

Paperback, 127 pages.

210x210x8mm – Full colour

Published by The Architectural Association (London)

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Out of print and very difficult to find. A collector’s special book.

“This is a brilliant, coherent and rational book. It records not only the present state but also the progress of research extended over a period of thirty years. In this endeavour, the author has had the fortune to be assisted by Julia Frazer and many generations of devoted students. This work is essential reading for architects, artists, cybernetists, scientists and philosophers.

As the statement of a thesis, it is strongly supported by practical methodology, and is placed in context with tangible entities and systems such as astronomy, close-packing spheres, fractals and chaos theory. The work’s originality, however, lends it another dimension.

The fundamental thesis is that of architecture as a living, evolving thing. ”  Gordon Pask (Foreword excerpt)

Themes VII: An Evolutionary Architecture was published to coincide with an exhibition held at the Architectural Association from 27 January to 25 February 1995.