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    26th Jul 2021

    Architect Africa


    Architect Africa Online was founded in 1996 by South African architects Pedro Buccellato and Karen Eicker as a platform for architectural digital marketing and communications.

    Over the last twenty five years it has gone through a number of evolutions, some very successful others not so much.

    It is currently undergoing a revival as a Generation II project, with a new generation of editors and programmers running the platform; all  committed to developing and implementing the very best remote services delivery system for architects in Africa.

    The new Architect Africa Generation II platform is made up of three primary components;

    1. AA Digital Design Marketplace
    2. AA News Network
    3. AA Collective

    We are currently developing the implementation protocols for the Digital Design Marketplace which will connect architectural services providers and remote clients – in both passive and active engagements.

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