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10th Sep 2022

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Burgundy Estate has something for everyone

This quiet suburb in Cape Town offers amenities and convenience all in one place

Burgundy Estate is just a great place where families can grow together,” says Miguel Rodrigues, Director at Rabie. “You have something for everyone here. Ample space to run, walk, cycle and pocket parks for children of all ages. It also has three schools that cater for children from babies to grade 12s, and parents can walk children to school and skip traffic. What a plus!” “It’s a quiet suburbia that’s incredibly convenient. It’s just the perfect place to be yourself and enjoy a good life.”

With Rabie’s involvement since 2015, Burgundy Estate has become an increasingly popular precinct with people looking for a lifestyle that offers tranquillity and convenience. Since getting involved as a joint venture partner with Nedbank six years ago, Rabie has sold more than 1,200 homes totalling more than R1.4bn. By adding well-designed, beautifully landscaped, secure complexes within the precinct, the essence of the suburb has been transformed into an established and well-maintained living and breathing space for all ages.

“If you’re a young professional, you work in a busy city and you just want to come back home and relax. It’s very quiet here. You are looking for peace after a long day, and you get it here,” says Tino Jeketera, project manager and resident since 2017. Rabie has thus far completed eight gated developments, which includes two complexes that are for rentals only, managed through their partnership with Invitation Homes.

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Burgundy Estate - Junixe

Three Rabie projects are currently under construction: Quinta Estate, which is a nine-block apartment development; Junixe, which offers freestanding houses; and Oasis Life, Rabie’s second retirement estate after its groundbreaking first in Clara Anna Fontein, Durbanville. All of these are secure, gated complexes with ample green space. Talking about the lifestyle of the precinct, Dean Smith, Suidooster actor and resident since 2017, says: “I would definitely recommend Burgundy Estate. You have that homely feeling, and you feel safe. It’s also that balance between being close enough to the buzz and close enough to complete silence. And you can jump between the two as it suits you.”

“What I enjoy most about staying in Burgundy is the calm. I love how it’s big enough for you to have your own space and privacy, yet small enough for you to be part of a community,” says Gantane Kusch, fellow Suidooster actor and resident since 2015. With Table Mountain views, Burgundy Estate is ideally located on the border of the Durbanville wine route, a few kilometres from pristine beaches and a short drive to the Cape Town CBD

Welcome to Quinta

Burgundy Estate - Quinta Estate

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“When people think estate, they think it’s secured, it’s a gated community, there’s an entry point and there’s an exit point. There is one way in and one way out,” says Kusch. “That is the case with the complexes here. So yes, I do feel safe. Driving within Burgundy, even when it’s late at night, I still feel safe.” Burgundy Estate also offers a secure and serene home for those over 60. Oasis Life welcomed its first residents in 2020

“Our phase one standalone houses are sold out, and we have a few apartments for sale which can be occupied immediately,” says Rodrigues. “Construction on the second phase houses and first four cottages is well under way. The cottage is a new product we developed, an intermediate between a house and an apartment. It’s on the ground floor with its own garden, but is not too big to manage, especially for a single person.” With features like a gatehouse manned 24/7, a clubhouse with deli and regular events arranged by the Oasis Life management team, the residents in this secure retirement estate have already established a happy community

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“We had a five-bedroom house, three garages and a swimming pool – then the kids grew up and moved out of the house,” says Basil Payne, resident at Oasis Life Burgundy Estate along with his wife. “It was just the two of us left, and it’s lovely to not worry about all that maintenance and upkeep of a big house. I still do quite a lot of training, so I go out to the mountains in the mornings and when I come back, I go to the clubhouse for a nice cup of coffee to kickstart my day. We just love the relaxation and the tranquillity, the quietness. And within the estate, the people around you greet you and are friendly. It’s very, very nice actually!” Burgundy Estate is the ideal multigenerational walled precinct if you’re looking to add balance to your life. It has something for everyone.

“It’s a quiet suburbia that’s incredibly convenient. It’s just the perfect place to be yourself and enjoy a good life.”


Burgundy Estate logo
Details on current developments:
Quinta Estate | apartments in gated complex from R995,000 |
Junixe | standalone houses in gated complex from R1.94m |
Oasis Life | Houses, apartments and cottages for
60+ from R1.2m |

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