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22nd Aug 2022

Architect Africa Online

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Kaira Looro Architecture Competition 2022 : Children’s House in Africa

An architecture competition that protects health and prevent malnutrition. The winning project will be built in southern Senegal.

The ‘Children’s House’ should be a welcoming place where activities aimed at preventing child malnutrition can be carried out in a rural environment of Sub-Saharan Africa. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow; allowing them to develop properly is essential in order to build a better future.

Nevertheless, today, 149 million children in the world suffer from growth retardation resulting from nutritional difficulties caused by poverty, conflicts and the environmental crisis. An adequate diet, especially in the first 5 years of life, means facilitating the psychological and physical development necessary to develop all of the fundamental abilities to participate in social life.

The “Kaira Looro ” is an international architecture competition for students and young architects, the objective of which is to grow up careers of new architectural talent, raise awareness in the international community regarding the topics of emergency, and support humanitarian projects.

Participation is open to architects, students, designers, engineers and anyone who wants to propose a solution to the theme. It is possible to participate in the competition individually or in teams, with one requirement: the presence of under 35 years old on the team.

The entries received will be evaluated by a jury made up of prominent architects: Kengo Kuma (Kengo Kuma & Associates), Mario Cucinella (Mario Cucinella Architects), Agostino Ghirardelli (SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli), Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT Miralles Tagliabue), Mphethi Morojele (MMA Design Studio), Alice Dietsch (Amanda Levete Architects), Giuseppe Mazzaglia (MVRDV), Sharon Devis (Sharon Davis Design), Ligia Nunes (Architecture Sans Frontières International ), Saad
El Kabbaj
, Driss Kettani and Mohamed Amine Siana and an scientific committee made up of Raoul Vecchio (Balouo Salo), Sebastiano D’Urso (University of Catania), Moussa Soaune (CCAA Senegal), Mamath Ndiaye (Balouo Salo) and other pecialist in architecture and nutrition.

Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, 2 honourable mentions, 2 special mentions, 20 finalists, and 20 Top 50. The winning project will receive a cash prize (5.000 €) and an internship at Kengo Kuma & Associates studio in Japan, as well as the construction of the project as humanitarian intervention. The other internships will be awarded to the 2nd place team at the Mario Cucinella Architects in Italy and to the 3rd place at the SBGA Blengini Ghiradelli, and respectively 2.000€ and 1.000€. Furthermore, all of the projects will be published on the competition’s website and in its official book, transmitted to 30 of the competition’s global media partners, and shared with institutional partners.

The architecture of the ‘Children’s House’ will be a space intended to prevent child malnutrition by providing nutritional material, the development of hygiene and healthcare awareness raising programmes, the organisation of paediatric and social care appointments, housing for at-risk patients, and the training of community nurses, who will guide local families on best practice in relation to prevention and nutrition.

The design will be constructed in the context of a humanitarian programme and it should meet some particular construction needs, namely: be easy to construct using sustainable technologies that are adaptable to self-construction; make use of natural and/or recycled materials available in the region; be integrated into the social and cultural environment of the location.

The architecture, of maximum 250 square meters, will need to host the following activities:
administration, storage, hospitality, and recreation.

The competition is organised by the Balouo Salo Non-Profit Organisation, engaged in charitable projects in Africa, and all proceeds (obtained from the registration fees) will be donated to the construction of the winning project in a village in southern Senegal, where the organisation itself operates.

Registration will begins on 15th January 2022.

Opening of “early” registrations | 15/01/2022
Closing of “early” registrations | 28/02/2022
Opening of “normal” registrations | 1/03/2022
Closing of “normal” registrations | 10/04/2022
Opening of “late” registrations | 11/04/2022
Late registration closing | 15/05/2022
FAQ response deadline | 1/06/2022
Project submission deadlines | 13/06/2022
Publication of results | 11/07/2022

Info and registration: | facebook


Kaira Looro Architecture Competition 2022
Children’s house in Africa

Architecture student competition for an architecture of CHILDREN’S HOUSE in a Senegalese

Kengo Kuma (Kengo Kuma & Associates), Mario Cucinella (Mario Cucinella Architects),
Agostino Ghirardelli (SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli), Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT Miralles
Tagliabue), Mphethi Morojele (Mphethi Morojele Design Studio), Alice Dietsch (Aamanda Levete
Architet), Giuseppe Mazzaglia (MVRDV), Sharon Devis (Sharon Davis Design)), Ligia Nunes
(Architecture Sans Frontières International )Saad El Kabbaj, Driss Kettani e Mohamed Amine

Architects, students, designers and engineers from anywhere in the world in individual participation
or with a team with at least 1 member under 35

1st prize: € 5,000 + Internship at Kengo Kuma Associates + Construction
2nd prize: € 2,000 + Internship at Mario Cucinella Architects
3rd prize: € 1,000 + Internship at SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli
Honorable mentions – 5 mentions – 20 finalists – 20 Top 50
All awarded teams will receive a certificate and will be: published in the competition channels,
broadcast to over 30 media partners, shared with institutions and published in the official volume.

Registration: from 15/01/2021 to 15/05/2022
Submission deadlines: 13/06/2022
Publication of results: 11/07/2020

Non-profit to launch young architectural talents, promote the theme of the competition
internationally and support humanitarian projects.



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