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27th Aug 2022

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Smart and secure solutions and support from dormakaba South Africa

The dormakaba 360° City app provides a virtual space to enable existing and potential customers to experience and explore its products in an innovative, interactive way.

Providing smart and secure access solutions involve more than just the products themselves. With more than 30 years covering Sub-Saharan Africa, dormakaba South Africa understands that the competitive differentiation lies not only in innovative solutions, but access to experienced architectural hardware consultants that can deliver the consulting services essential to ensure installations are managed successfully.

“Our team of skilled consultants are available to provide tailormade specifications and technical support for progressive businesses. Together with our partners across southern Africa, we are committed to making access an effortless experience for our customers. These specialists provide the insights necessary when it comes to the likes of architectural hardware, automated entrance systems, access control systems, guest room access systems for hospitality, and access systems for multifamily projects to name just a few,” says Barry Conway-Cleaves at dormakaba South Africa.

In fact, the specification service offering provided by dormakaba South Africa is built on a combination of global best practice and an understanding of the unique requirements of projects in Africa. To this end, it comprises six components that ensure projects are managed successfully from the ideation stage all the way through to post-implementation support:

  • Inspiration
  • Design
  • Specification
  • Installation support
  • Installation signoff
  • Service support

The inspiration part of every project entails access to a large portfolio of local and global reference projects. Whether airports, commercial properties, industrial areas, or residential buildings, hotels, or hospitals, the dormakaba team has seen it all.

“This means our consultants can provide customers with a wealth of innovative ideas to get inspiration for their projects or to see if there are challenges that implementations in other parts of the world have overcome.”

On the design side, the dormakaba 360° City app provides a virtual space to enable existing and potential customers to experience and explore its products in an innovative, interactive way. The app lets customers gain digital experience of using its broad product portfolio and features more than 80 products across five different sectors: industrial complex, private living, airport, hotel, and healthcare.

A series of integrated videos let users become familiar with the functions of each product. If a customer requires more detailed information about products, they can easily switch back and forth at any time between the dormakaba 360° City app and the product browser.

When it comes to the specification stage of a project, skilled dormakaba architectural consultants and specifiers can advise on products and solutions for every requirement.

“Our digital specification tool, ISPEC, lies at the centre of our locally-developed software ecosystem which our specifiers use to prepare detailed technical documentation tailored for your project. And with the move towards digitalisation and the prevalence of BIM software like Autodesk Revit, we have developed a tool which allows us to securely and easily incorporate your tailored specification directly into your model.”

BIM content in the form of product families can easily be accessed either through the app or our website to populate a customer model with accurate digital content.

Installation support and signoff are critical to the success of any implementation. When it comes to the former, dormakaba technical teams provide installation support for all its product clusters. This includes the installation and commissioning of the dormakaba automated entrance systems. And in terms of the latter, on dormakaba specified projects the company provides installation inspection and signoff reporting. This provides customers with the piece of mind that the dormakaba products are installed as per the defined guidelines and specifications.

Finally, dormakaba service support sees the organisation leverage its extensive national service network. This delivers all the required support on every dormakaba solution to ensure that they continue to operate as intended.

“Ultimately, the dormakaba South Africa team provides customers with all the support they need throughout the lifecycle of a project. While this might be an all too familiar saying, we can honestly attest to delivering the cradle-to-the-grave assistance our customers need on smart and secure access solutions,” concludes Barry.

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