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Luxury vs ultra-luxury – What’s the difference?

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Creating sustainable growth and reducing poverty through structural transformation

Urban development domains ACRC’s analytical framework uses the concept of urban development domains to transcend both sectoral and traditional systems-based…

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A root cause of flooding in Accra: developers clogging up the city’s wetlands

Christopher Gordon, University of Ghana Ghana has six designated Ramsar sites. These are wetlands designated under the criteria of the…

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Nigerian property crime could be reduced if neighbourhoods were better designed

Adewumi Badiora, Olabisi Onabanjo University Nigeria has a very high crime rate. The Global Peace Index ranked it the world’s…

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Inner cities are growth engines attracting young homebuyers

Inner city living is boosting the city residential property market and driving urban rejuvenation Inner cities. Love them or hate…

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Kenya’s push for affordable housing is creating opportunities despite barriers

Raphael M. Kieti, University of Nairobi; Robert W. Rukwaro, University of Nairobi, and Washington H.A. Olima, University of Nairobi In…

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Heron IVC: Walking the green talk

Waterfall is closing the loop on waste Waterfall prioritises sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship as a strategic imperative, keeping the…

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21st Aug 2022

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Freestanding stairs made easy with Terraforce

Terraforce 4×4 Step blocks were used to create freestanding stairs at a farm in the Hex River Valley.

Need a neat and easy to install staircase? The Terraforce 4×4 Step block, a light, dry-stack concrete unit, is ideally suited for efficient and economical steps, either in combination with the Terraforce L range blocks or for freestanding staircases.

General guidelines

The step can be as wide as you wish; four blocks in a row will result in a flight 800 mm wide. With an overlap of 50mm, a single block tread of 350mm and a riser of 150mm is obtained, although a double row will work well on a gentle slope and where the steps curve. After positioning the blocks, push mortar into the hollow of each block, but only if the blocks are supplied without the internal T-bar, dependant on the manufacturer.

Compact the soil behind each step and ensure that the ground is absolutely level before you start laying the next row of blocks. In some instances, it may be advisable to place a bedding layer of stabilised sand below the blocks (5% cement added).

Step by Step staircase, farm Olivia

In March this year, a farmer in in the Hex River Valley, Western Cape, South Africa, required some steps up to his concrete water reservoir. He chose to use the 4×4 Step blocks to create a comfortable step of stairs that allow him and his family better access to the water.

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