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21st Aug 2022

Architect Africa Online

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The bathroom: your safe sanctuary

We explore some of the most popular trends that both architects and designers are using to create beautiful spaces in the most intimate room of all – the bathroom.


Often referred to as our sacred space or sanctuary, the bathroom has come a long way over the years. The good news is that there’s something for everyone, no matter their design aesthetic. Whether you’re wanting to do a full renovation or a quick bathroom update, we’ve got you covered.

Let there be (sky)light

Gone are the days when the bathroom was simply the space utilised to freshen up in. This space, no matter how big or small, should be your personal relaxation zone. Skylights are a great way to introduce natural light to any bathroom. It also plays off against your bathroom tiles or any feature walls beautifully. The natural light that emulates from a skylight will also bring the outdoors inside, allowing you to have an all-round sensory experience every time you utilise this space.

Coloured basins

Would you believe that coloured bathroom fixtures are making a comeback? Your grandparents would be so proud. Pastels, pinks and blush shades are all the rage at the moment. If you want to add a striking statement to your bathroom design, simply add a versatile coloured basin. Making a statement with coloured basins is not only aesthetically pleasing but is an easy design trick to turn your bathroom into a more modern space.

Taps to turn you on

Taps have definitely taken a turn for the better. If you follow any design trends, you’ll see the simple tap has really come into its own. Whether it’s in gunmetal, brushed gold, nickel, rose gold or the oh-so-gorgeous matte black taps, it’s time to bring out your creative side with an abundance of amazing choices. It seems that adding a splash of colour to your bathroom through wall or floor mounted and spout taps is here to stay. Choosing the right taps for your bathroom will not only create a great visual impact, but it will change the mood of the space from functional to indulgent.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a focal point in any bathroom, but now is the time to think creatively. How about the addition of a back-lit mirror to your bathroom design? Adding LED lighting behind a raised mirror will add a level of sophistication to your design. What’s even more fun is that you can choose a number of different mirror shapes and break away from the more conventional rectangular or circular mirrors. You also eliminate the problem so many of us have with lighting that is either too bright (and shows those wrinkles) or which leaves a mirror in the shadows. The correct backlighting also ensures an even distribution of light around the mirror, so it’s a great place to apply your daily make-up like a pro.

Sacred showers

Shower time is your personal time. The days of trying to get the perfect temperature while the shampoo runs into your eyes, without either freezing or burning through the second layer of your skin, has thankfully been replaced with the addition of some amazing products to the market. Grohe’s SmartControl allows you to personalise your shower experience with a simple push to adjust the water flow and temperature. So now you never have to waste time trying to achieve the perfect temperature again and you can simply change the settings to change your mood. It’s an intuitive shower!


The art of a bathroom

We know that beautiful fittings, lighting, taps and sanitary-ware are imperative to bathroom design today, but have you thought about turning one of the walls in this space into a design feature to make an even bigger statement? This can easily be achieved through dark or colourful tiling that breaks up a wall space or by using durable wallpaper which offers many design options to a framed piece of art. There is nothing more edgy than a stunning photographic print sitting proudly on a bathroom wall.

There are so many amazing bathroom trends that one can follow, it’s actually quite overwhelming. However, if it all seems too much simply start with the basics. By simply changing your taps or shower-heads, you can make the world of difference to your bathroom. Both Cobra and Grohe offer an abundance of sanitary-ware, taps and accessories to assist you on this journey. You can also add some greenery or succulents, organiser baskets for neat and tidy storage or a side table to house your scented candles or an orchid. No matter your budget or your design needs, the addition of something small can make a really big difference to this all-important sanctuary in your home.

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