The ANC/EFF bid to ‘nationalise’ land and side-line the Courts must be rejected

by Dr Annelie Lotriet MP – Chairperson of the DA Parliamentary Caucus

The ANC/EFF “coalition of the irrational” has taken a drastic next step in their quest for Expropriation Without Compensation by proposing to place land in the custodianship of the State.

This amendment was pushed onto the agenda of what should have been the final meeting on Monday 31st May, of the multi-party ad hoc Parliamentary Committee on amending the “Property Clause” – Section 25 of the Constitution.

The bid to place land under the custodianship of the State will effectively “nationalise” the land under the control of the State – a disastrous move that will lead to economic devastation and escalating poverty, as it has already done in countries as diverse as Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

What makes matters worse, is the ongoing attempt by the ANC/EFF to exclude, or minimise the role of the courts, in adjudicating land expropriation cases.

Because of the opposition to this proposal in the Ad-Hoc committee, the ANC/EFF will now extend the life of the Committee and produce a final report by August 31st, in which it will seek to include the proposal for State custodianship of land.

The DA will do whatever it takes to prevent this, as it will push South Africa into the abyss, destroying what is left of our economy by deterring investment, destroying prospects for growth, and driving millions more people into extreme poverty.

As the ANC/EFF are determined to press on with this issue before LGE 2021, the DA stands ready and determined to stop them and defend our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We believe that this blatant abuse of power by the ANC/EFF is in line with its determination for the Party to control the State and for the State to control the whole of society. By attempting to seize custodianship of the land, and by-passing the courts, the ANC is planning another major step in the direction of a Totalitarian order – which was its objective from the start in terms of its Leninist goal of the “National Democratic Revolution”.

The DA will not sit by and watch our country become yet another failed state. Every South African deserves a decent education, the opportunity to get a job, and to succeed in life.

By this move, the ANC/EFF will eradicate all these prospects. We call on all South Africans to reject this fatal move.


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